23 January 2017

Vintage Mulberry agenda: take two - by Anita

Following on from my post about cycles of buying and selling, I thought that I would reveal to you my third and final binder. Whilst I loved my previous Mulberry agenda, I wasn't convinced about keeping it as all my inserts are in Filofax personal size. However, I've since realised that I could buy paper quite cheaply, or cut up other notebooks or paper that I already have around the house.

I was having a little look on eBay, as you do, and came across this wonderful croc Mulberry for a great price (I managed to knock £10 off the buy it now price with a cheaper offer too).

It's in much better condition than my previous one and I love the pattern which reminds me of a mixture between an Ascot and a Dundee (best of both worlds). I have seen it described by owners/sellers as both Congo and croc, so contacted Mulberry to ask they could confirm for me. It seems that their photographic records don't go back that far, but I'm lucky that a member of their staff recognised it as walnut Nile leather. The internal layout is exactly the same, and the secretarial pocket plus the gusseted zipped one make a great combination in my opinion.

The Mulberry leather is wonderful. I know that this would've been pretty expensive new, but I'd be happy to shove it in a bag as it's definitely not delicate. When it arrived, there was this scratch on the front which you can see now barely shows in my first picture. I slightly dampened the area and then rubbed with my finger and the leather got its shine back. It was described as 'used but well loved and great patina', so I was happy anyway, especially at the price that I paid.

Once again, it has that great little design feature that the strap shortens or lengthens, depending on which popper you want to use. It's also handy as it tucks out of the way when you're writing inside.

After I'd left feedback on eBay, I contacted the seller to ask if she knew anything about its history. She had actually sold it on behalf of a friend and then very kindly passed on the lady's name and phone number (with her permission). She also said the following - 'I know it was bought in Norway when she worked for someone she's not allowed to talk about, wink, wink !! It's an interesting story'. I had to follow that up as I was curious... I finally managed to get through to the previous owner, and she was polite, but obviously a little bemused about my interest. I explained about being a planner nerd and that I was writing a post for here, hoping to hear a little more. Basically, she told me that she'd purchased it in Oslo about 25 years ago in the small Mulberry shop there, which was before when the company was more well known. And that was it! I politely thanked her and laughed lots once I was off the phone, as either the friend had misunderstood, or the lady decided that she actually didn't want to tell me after all.

I have a suspicion that I may not have purchased my Holborn if I'd found this first, but I feel that I have a good range to choose from. Whilst I love both my Kensington and Holborn, I think that if I had to choose only one, it might be this one. However, that decision may have changed by next week so I'll be keeping the three for now...

22 January 2017

Sunday Start Diary Inserts

I infrequently get requested for diary inserts with the start of the week on a Sunday rather than Monday. We also get some really odd requests for 5 day week (no weekend) or Thursday start inserts etc.

So we do not offer a customised service for one off inserts, and if you look at the list of inserts we already provide a large number of different inserts already and we are not going to start offering them with Sunday start as well as Monday start.

Hopefully with the help of this post you will be able to adapt our source files to create your own Sunday start files should you wish to have that feature.

The change over is relatively easy to do. But you need to follow the steps to achieve the end result shown here:

So we will be using this example. Firstly you need to download the two source files (Word and Excel)  the Word base file and the Excel data file you will need both.

First step is to open the Excel file.

You will see something like this:

We need to change the first row to look like this:

Things to note:
  1. The column headings are the same, they have just been reordered to move Sunday to the start of the week. No other row is changed. 
  2. The date for the Sunday in Cell A2 is obviously changed compared to the original. 
So having made those small changes save the file to the same folder as you have the Word file in. 

The next step is to open the Word file you downloaded. It will look something like this:

If you go in to the Mail Merge Manager (the location of this will vary depending on which version of Word/Office you are using)

If you toggle the 'Preview Results' the page should change to something like this: 

The merge labels are fairly clear as to which ones they are. We need to shuffle things around a bit to get things to a Sunday start, to something like this: 

Now if you toggle the preview button again you will see things are in the correct order but Sunday and Wednesday will not look quite right, this is because they have moved from one side to the other. And if you look at the earlier images you will see that on the left hand page it is date then day, and on the right hand page it is day then date. 

But there is an easy fix. Toggle the Preview Results again until you can see the Merge Fields again. 

Right click on <<datesu>> and click 'Toggle Field Codes'  Then change it to 
{MERGEFIELD DateSu \@ "d DDDD"\*lower } 
Basically you are just repositioning the lower case d to move the date to the beginning. And do a similar change to <<datewe>> and move the d to the other side of the DDDD part of the field code. 

Then do 'Update Field Code' then click on Preview Results and everything should look as you need it to be. 

Also note that the header fields are changed to <<datesu>> inplace of <<datemo>> and on the other page to <<datewe>> instead of <<dateth>> This just ensures the correct month is shown in the header. 

Then do 'Update Field Code' then click on Preview Results and everything should look as you need it to be.

If everything looks as it should, it is now time to do the mail merge as usual to create your new file.

Insert the blank page at the start of the new file and remove the section breaks (^B) and you have your file ready for printing. 

If all of the above was a little bit too much for you here are a set of files to help you get started:

The source files Word and Excel.

And I've also done some 2017 files as well in Word and PDF ready to be downloaded and printed in the usual way.

Oh and then I broke all the rules, so here is not only Sunday start... but Letter size or Half Letter size when booklet printed!

I've not been able to 'test' this variant because here in the modern world we only have ISO size paper!

However, if you want to play with the Letter size variant you will need to use:

The source Letter files Word and Excel.

And I've also done some Letter 2017 files as well in Word and PDF ready to be downloaded and printed in the usual way.

Converting other files to Sunday start is similar.


21 January 2017

Web Finds - 21 January 2017

So I hope you have had a good week

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20 January 2017

Free For All Friday no. 427 by Anita

I was away last weekend for my work's annual conference and as per normal, my Filofax and a book were in my bag. It occurred to me that these two simple and everyday items offer so much between them:
  • As an avid reader, I can easily lose myself in a good book for many hours and can travel anywhere in the world in my imagination
  • If I pack a non-fiction one, I can study and make notes in my binder
  • I didn't pack my laptop this time, so I found that it helped me focus on doing some project planning without the temptation of the internet
  • I could easily jot down random thoughts as they popped into my head for processing later into my action lists. 
Whilst there are other binder accessories that I own that are useful, I've realised that when I go away the book and planner have become part of my essential items. Somehow it also feels like a little bit of home, no matter where I am.  

What essentials do you pack to go with your planner when you go away?

And always as it's Friday, please feel free to discuss anything ring bound organiser related. Have a great weekend! 
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